Poison Ivy Sucks

Its been a full week. I read it would go away in about a week. Instead, my rash is spreading to cover both arms.

I think I’ve found the culprit, considering I have studiously avoided any contact with plants remotely resembling poison ivy…

The dogs.

I just watched Dax sit in a patch of it.

This is going to be a very long, itchy, summer…


I have been subjugated.  I also drank two cups of coffee and am in desperate need of a restroom. The pets don’t seem to care…


Yes, I have dog cartoon PJ’s  on. I assure you, these are the highest form of fashion.


Zeus, contemplating the meaning of freedom, and the dilemma of giving up his comforts for it.


A foggy morning before work…


Ava laying in the hay I put out. I rarely see her lay down. She must feel safer with Joy standing guard.



I went to a relatives wedding yesterday. Anytime I sneak out into the public realm I end up wondering why I bothered. I’m socially awkward. I make people uncomfortable around me.

The only way I could offset my awkward demeanor previously was copious amounts of alcohol. Since I gave up drinking, the social aspects of life have become extremely difficult.

I now understand why some of my friends carry portable wine containers….

Portable Boxed Wines

One thought on “Poison Ivy Sucks

  1. Mia, if the poison ivy rash doesn’t improve, go to the doctor and get pills or a shot. I’m sure you’re right about the dogs bringing it to you. Regarding the wedding, still nice that you were there. Seating didn’t allow for much social interaction.


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