The Trail Ride

Wednesday, I went for a long trail ride with my neighbors. Well, long for me…

It was such a beautiful day!

Ava was, as usually, brave and willing. Her only issues are when the ground changes colors (usually dark spots), or walking into shadowy areas from the light areas. I don’t think her blue eyes adjust well to changes in light. We hit one section of trail where the ground was black in spots and Ava kept ducking her head and shying around them. I let her pick her own way. Whatever she’s comfortable with.

We did some short bits of trotting and Ava felt wonderful. Not an ounce of lameness that day. I even cantered a bit. She’s got a really fun canter to ride. Very smooth.

Ironically, Wednesday I had decided to take Joy instead of Ava. I spent like three hours trying to build up my courage… but when I went to get the pony she was horribly lame. I thought she broke something she was so lame. I checked everything, but couldn’t find a source. She was putting weight on the leg. No heat. No cuts. Hoof seemed ok.

Yesterday she seemed better. Not 100% sound, but much, much better.

Pictures from the trail ride:






I’ve decided I want to buy a nice bareback pad. Hopefully one that’ll fit both Ava and the pony. My thinking on this is that A.) Sometimes I don’t want to have to saddle up for a short ride B.) Jeans hurt in my dressage saddles, and sometimes I’d like to ride without having to change clothes, and C.) It’s cheaper than buying a good saddle for Joy, and may buy me some time and allow me to still ride her lightly.

However, in researching BB pads I’ve found they can still cost quite a bit of money. I was shocked at the pricing. (I’ve been out of the loop for a long time.)

3 thoughts on “The Trail Ride

  1. I got one to ride my guy bareback- hello shark fin withers that want to enter your spleen through your butt! It helped some… you might want to get one that fits Ava, then invest in a cheap tiny pony sized dressage girth… thought you might have one since you’ve had your dressage saddle on Joy. But you might want a different one for trail riding… I know our trails are mucky sometimes and I’d never want my nice dressage girth going out there! I’d recommend one with a breastplate. I got one with stirrups (I took them off) then attached my hunt breastplate to the front when I rode so it wouldn’t slip. Wish I had gotten one with a fuzzy breastplate instead of stirrups!

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