The Weekend

Last weekend was a killer.  Friday I worked late, and afterward I cleaned the stalls (which were trashed) and then started cleaning out the barn in preparation for getting new hay on Saturday.

Most people find junk, cobwebs, and/or dirt when they clean. I find baby kittens.

So now we have two litters of kittens.  * oh yippee *

Saturday morning we picked up 50 more bales of hay.  Google maps lead us to a very, very narrow, winding dirt road by a lake that is surrounded by houses with tiny driveways. This was obviously not the right place, so we called the seller. It was another 10 miles down the main road. Hubby had to back the truck and trailer down the narrow street quite a ways before we could turn around.

We got back on the main road, and ended up blowing past the hidden turn off that has no sign. I’m so glad my Hubby is good at turning trucks with long trailers around.

We finally got to the sellers barn.  The hay seller climbs to the top of his stack of hay and starts systematically tossing hay on to the trailer in perfectly stacked rows.  He probably could’ve stacked the entire trailer by himself without ever leaving the top of his hay stack (if I hadn’t been in his way constantly).

My arm started to itch like crazy.

We got home and unloaded and stacked the hay. By the time we were done my arms were shaky. I was ready to call it a day at that point, but Hubby thought we should clean up the trailer, the barn floor, and dump the bad hay (from first time we bough hay) out back.


Fine! I wanted to be a lazy, worthless piece of lard, but I guess I’ll clean up after myself and my horses. 😉

My arm really itched!! I keep scratching it.

Finally, we were all done and, other than evening feed, I’m in for the night. It’s 6pm Saturday… And suddenly I realized I’d forgotten to pick up more grain while out and about. So, off to the store I go. The store is packed. There are very large people with carts jaw-jacking in the middle of every aisle that leads to the grain. In frustration, I flagged down a sales associate who barged through the people.

The nice thing about being a girl… the sales associate loaded all four bags of grain on my cart for me.  Yay!

On the down side, I now know that Nutrena chicken feed is preferred by this sales associate over Purina chicken feed. I’m not sure why he felt I cared about chicken feed. Maybe chickens are a pre-req to having horses at home or something?  Like, you start with chickens, and if you can keep them alive for 6 months then you step up to penguins, and eventually you earn the right to have a horse in your back yard….. *confused*

I checkout. Total was $89 for 4 bags of grain and a $20 bottle of fly spray.  I was gritting my teeth in frustration as I watched all of our savings disappear.

My left eye started twitching incessantly at that point. My arm still itched like mad.

Sunday, we picked up more bedding. Another $126 dollars.

Bedding drives me nuts… Let me give you a ton of money for a bag of shavings so an animal can pee and crap on it.

These freeloaders need to learn to use the toilet.

Total expense for weekend: $465.
Number of times I had ridden the last two weeks: 0.

By Sunday evening my arm itched so badly that I was thinking about peeling the skin off. Somewhere along the way I brushed up against poison ivy.

My eye is still twitching!!

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