Pony Saddles, etc.

I had some friends over last weekend to give me a hand with Joy. I wanted to work on desentization under saddle.

I put Taylor on Ava, the nearly bomb proof one, while I hopped on Joy. Normally I lunge Joy before riding, but she’s been so good under saddle that I thought I could risk skipping the lunge part. I also hadn’t ridden her in several days. This was either going to go okay, or I was in for a massively jarring ride.

Taylor and I have Ava and Joy standing side by side, while my other friend has a scary object out in front of us and that she’s moving around.

Joy looks curious, but barely any more reaction then a head movement.

Ava on the other hand is like, “What the Hell is that?!?!”

Snorting, backing up, nervous….

Taylor handled it well (she’s a very good rider), and Ava eventually relaxed.

Anyway, Joy was Ms. Confident with the scary objects. My friend flapped it all over her, under her, behind and around her. I held it and drug it behind us as we walked. We walked over the tarp, backed over it, etc. No issues.
Joy seemed bored. In fact, Joy was so good that she made Ava seem like a drama queen. You would’ve thought Joy was the 12 year old show horse who’d been there, done that. Haha

After all that, Taylor and I went for a short trail ride. This was the first time I’d ridden Joy outside the pasture. She did pretty good. I’m glad Ava was there, because Joy tensed up at one point and I got pretty nervous, but I just tucked her up close to Ava’s butt and kept her focused. The moment passed and we were able to do a short loop of trail near the house.

Saddle Shopping:
I went to two tack stores last weekend looking for a saddle to fit Joy. There just isn’t much back real-estate to this pony. I think, in order to get it short enough to not sit on her kidneys, that I’ll need a 16″ seat or smaller.

My problem is I have a large bum.

At one store, I ask to sit in a jump saddle that’s about 15 inches. Of course my butt cheeks hang over. But in my head I’m looking at length of the saddle and trying to gauge whether it’s short enough for the pony. The sales person, however, is very concerned that may ass hangs over.

She tries to direct my attention toward the bigger seat sizes, but I point out another small saddle and ask to try it. She seems a bit flustered but complies. I sit on the saddle. I’m pleasantly surprised that the seat is almost comfy. The flaps are perfect sized for my midget legs.

But the sales lady is making noises, and trying to politely tell me that my ass is too big. She shows me a 16.5″ and has me try it. This seems to be her compromise saddle… the smallest seat size this lady can stand to see me in without barfing.

I check out the price tag…

Over a thousand dollars.

Uh… no.

Just for fun, I point out another super small saddle to try. By this point the sales lady has launched into a spiel about saddle fitting to the rider.

I tell her I’m interested in the 15 3/4″ saddle, but I’ll have to come back. And just for a split second she looked at me like I was an idiot. Then she plastered a big smile on and explained their trial periods. Hahaha

Poor sales lady…

Hey, I told her up front I needed a saddle for a 13.3 pony with no back. It’s not my fault she can’t listen. I only wanted to see if I could sit in that small of a size without breaking myself.

And what is up with the dressage seat sizes?? There isn’t a tack store in 100 miles of me that carries a dressage saddle with a seat size smaller than 17″. I can’t find many 16″ or smaller online (of quality and inexpensive). I see a ton of 18″. And even found a few 19″ dressage saddles — I didn’t even know they made them that big.

Also, I can’t believe the prices on pony dressage saddles online! OMG. 2k and up for half a damn saddle. Literally. It’s half the size of my regular saddle and three times as expensive.

I want to apologize to all my pony brethren for silently laughing at you for how much you paid for your saddles. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know!!

Anyway, I still don’t have a saddle for Joy. Plus, we’re broke, so I’m not sure when we’ll have the money for a saddle to fit Joy.

And… I get to move hay today. Yippee.

Here are some pictures:





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