The wrath of Khan

I have three horses who are all lame on the left hind leg.

If ever there was a bitch slap from God, this would be it.

All I need now is to be smited.

Joy took a hunk of skin off her hind leg a couple days ago. It’s not serious, but I need to doctor it up and Joy thinks the goop (ointment) is Satan’s phlegm.

The other option for wound care is Vetericyn, but of course that’s a spray bottle. In Joy’s opinion, only spray bottles are more heinous than Satan’s phlegm.

Jessie (the old mare) has both rain rot and thrush. She may as well have posted a sign by the road with the words “Bad Owner Lives Here!”.

I went to Tractor Supply for medications. The only thing they have is a product called Fung-a-way. Rain rot isn’t a fungus, it’s a bacteria, but some reviews said it worked and there’s nothing else on the shelf.

I get to the counter to check out and the cashier asks me if my horse has rain rot.

I reply ‘yes, she does’.

The cashier gives me one of those patronizing looks and says “This won’t work”, while holding up the Fung-a-way. I wanted to scream “Of course it won’t! But you can’t stock shit a real horse person needs!”.

Instead, I said “Oh, I was afraid of that.”

She then let’s me know that “rain rot happens sometimes”. *roll eyes*  However, she has ‘The Cure’. All I need is to spray WD-40 on the scabs.

** insert skeptical look here **

We leave TSC without rain rot medication. I get home, we’ve got WD-40, I seriously consider it for 2 minutes….

I can’t. Anything that says “avoid prolonged contact with skin” probably shouldn’t be sprayed on a horse and left on. And it seems counter-intuitive to spray it on just to wash it off. If I’m going to have to bathe the horse after every application then I may as well get the iodine shampoo that’s made for rain rot!



My neighbor won’t ride with me anymore.

I’m not sure why.

It kind of hurts my feelings.

On the flip side… I get a bit frustrated reining Ava up, slowing her down, making her wait… constantly. Ava has a big walk. Always has. Our trail partners are slow walkers. If I let Ava walk at the pace she’s comfortable with then I leave my trail partners in the dust.

Hmmm… this could also be a euphemism for life. 


The old lady and Joy…



My husband is working on building me a riding arena.


It’s getting there!!

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