I went over to my friends house the other night for a course on how to desensitize Joy to new/strange things. I didn’t take Joy since it was a work day, and Joy needs trailer practice still. They let me ride one of their horses.

What fun! We had umbrellas, bags on strings that were tossed around and pulled behind, foam sword fights, a wooden bridge, tarps, and barrels to swing up and over the horse.

I want Joy that good!


Yesterday, my husband was knocking down the old chicken coop by the pasture. I rode Joy while he was making all kinds of loud banging noises. I expected her to be a bit freaked out by it, to be honest. Instead… she acted like nothing weird was going on at all. Totally calm and focused.

What a neat pony!

So far, fly spray and trailering are about the only things that totally unhinge the poor girl. Oh, and cars going by out front.

I went out to the pasture with a plastic bag the other day and Ava came running. She thinks all plastic bags hold apples. Ha. Joy was trepidatious about the bag, but was game enough to give it a good sniffing. I waved it around a bit, but nobody cared…. it seemed very anticlimactic.


Ava finally has 24/7 access to pasture and she chooses to stand in her stall all day. She has fly spray on, a fly mask, there’s hay outside, there’s even some shade. Joy gets sick of the stall and will desert Ava to go hang in the pasture with Jessie (who hates all stalls).


I was supposed to ride Joy today, but it’s been raining off and on non-stop today. And not a nice rain either. This is the hard, slap you upside the head and call you a little girl, type rain.

From the other day:


I got baby pictures of Joy from the previous owners today. I’ll post them later. It says she was born in ’08, so that makes her 7 this June. A year older than I thought…

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