Joy – Training Update

The weather has not been cooperating. Yesterday it was 87 degrees with high humidity, today it’s 48 and and windy. Brrr….

I still haven’t been consistently riding Joy. She doesn’t seem to mind. Haha. On the plus side, she’s always good under saddle whether it’s been a week or two weeks in between rides. She has yet to really do anything naughty while I’m riding.

**knock on wood**

I do lunge her first before riding….

I haven’t pushed her for anything very hard yet. My main goal at this point is to get her to move off light leg aids quickly. She gets a bit bulky about forward at times. 

Secondary goal is to get the idea across about reaching for the bit. She gets the basics of steering and stopping, but she doesn’t believe me that contact is something she should go looking for.

She’s getting better about the idea of leg yields. I’ve been asking her from the ground to move over when I touch her side (both walk and halt). I started incorporating that idea while on her. The first few times I asked caused some confusion, but she figured it out quickly.

I’d also like to get some more shoulder control while on her. I played around with starting to teach her turn on the haunch, but I confused her so I dropped it. A little too advanced idea just yet… she does move off my thigh fairly well for knowing so little.

She is one bent up, crooked little girl though. Her hind always travels left of her body. Mainly because her front feet are in the way. I’m contemplating how to straighten her out, but I’m kind of stumped on how to get the front feet to pick up sooner. I’m thinking a combo of farrier work, along with transitions, bending lines, and some brief leg yields through corners. She needs a better farrier. I think I have a lead on a good one who might be able to fit me in. I hope.

My last thing… I am so thrilled with this pony. She’s just a pleasure to handle. She doesn’t bite, doesn’t kick, she’s friendly, and loves all horses. It’s such a difference from Ava. Not that Ava’s not a good horse, but she always has to have the last word about everything. This pony isn’t like that. She might get confused, or scared, but overall she’s happy to oblige.





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