Word of the Week is Logy

I decided I needed a new goal for keeping me on track with blogging, so I decided to do a”Word of the Week” weekly blog post. I’m going to try a Picture of the week post also.

Word of the Week is Logy:

Lacking physical or mental energy or vitality; sluggish; dull; lethargic.

May showers = Dreary, rainy days.  It makes me feel logy.

When I first brought Ava home, I was smugly confident that I could retrain her to not kick the walls at feed times.

I can confidently say that it’s been a complete failure. She always has to get one good, solid kick against the wall before she’ll stand patiently for her food. Every feed time. Never fails.

Some days I threaten her with the lunge whip when she’s kicking. She’s figured out that all I can do is wave it around ineffectually a few feet away (stupid stall doors don’t open easily).

Drives me nuts. I refuse to feed her until she’s politely standing in the stall, but no matter what I do, there’s always that one solid kick before she’ll concede to being docile.


Hubby fixed the stall doors today!  Yippee!!  They now slide open and closed easily. I can’t express to you how utterly frustrating those sticky doors were. It was the worst when trying to dump water buckets. It’s bad enough that I’m sloshing water all over me, but then I couldn’t even budge the door to get out without setting down the bucket and nearly giving myself a hernia trying to slide the darn door open. Now they Slliiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddeeee. Very nice!!


 This morning was beautiful. It looked a bit surreal with the sunlight shinning through the haze.


I like the mornings. I like that calm before the work day.

The old mare was cute today. She normally wants nothing to do with humans, but she thought she’d check me over for treats before wandering off.



So much green! A month ago this was all brown.




These two are now thick as thieves.  They spend every second of every day glued to each other. They often remind me of teenage girls.



It has been raining for several days now. I’m sick of it.




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