Oh, Screw it! X, Y, Z

** written last week **

I missed the last three posts for the month. I’ll tell ya, patch week at work is enough to frazzle the best of men at times.

It’s been beautiful weather the last three days (today should be as well). I haven’t worked Joy at all. I feel guilty. I do spend time with her every day, but not on the things I probably should be doing with her (trailering riding, etc.).

My wonderful Hubby bought a used auger (post hole digger) for a steal. We replaced the posts securing the paddock gate Friday. AND we now have a gate latch on it (instead of the decaying piece of rope). It’s awesome. All you have to do is swing it shut and it automatically latches. One finger to flip the latch to open the gate.

The previous posts holding up the gate were no longer in the ground. One was actually an inch off the ground (fence boards were holding it up).

I spent three hours yesterday cleaning the water tank that came with the place. The junk had actually calcified on the walls and bottom, and then was covered in more slim. Previous owners had put gold fish in the tank in a desperate attempt to avoid ever having to clean it. Haha


Clean water, sans gold fish.

** Current **
Whenever it’s feed time, I find Ava intently staring at the house.


I swear she can tell time.

I get up in the morning, look out the window, and there’s Ava eyeballing me from that spot in the paddock. Any other time and she’s at the far end of the pasture.

Yesterday at dinner time Joy was cracking me up. You have to watch the video with sound on.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Screw it! X, Y, Z

  1. Just found you from A to Z and followed because of your horse love. I have a horse that I hardly spend any time with – he lives four hours away with my daughter and her three horses. She is an equine vet and takes good care of him. Your farm looks really pretty.


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