W is for Wandering through Trees

I went for a trail ride with my neighbor and her boarder on Sunday. I took Ava since I wasn’t sure how the neighbors horses would act. They haven’t ridden their horses all winter and I expected some frisky behaviors.

Ava is such a good girl. When I was tacking her up I just threw the rope over her neck and told her to stay. Buckets were clanging to the floor, my husband was refilling grain bins, and Joy was hollering for Ava in the pasture. Ava didn’t care. She only cares about treats and scratchies.

I had a good time riding with the neighbors. We saw a turkey, four deer, and a pie tin nailed to a tree.
No idea. Don’t ask.;)

I didn’t think to get any pictures along the way. It was just so wonderful to be with Ava, wandering the trails, that I completely forgot about phones or pictures.

Here are some after ride pictures.

Pretty sunlight.


Ava wants more treats.


I took this pic today (below). Ava is the shinniest, and blackest, she’s been in the four years I’ve owned her. She’s even got dapples! I’ve never seen her with dapples before. All I can attribute it to is the grain they fed her at my last boarding facility. Unfortunately, I switched her to a different grain when I moved her home (due to cost and location of supplier). But I’m seriously thinking I should switch them all to the previous grain. Ava is filthy in this pic and she’s still shinning like a new penny. Of course the cost per bag of the other grain is about 3 times what I pay for the grain they’re on now…. and the closest distibutor is 45 mins.


Joy hurt her leg the other day. I checked it out as best I could, but Joy was extremely unhappy with me poking and prodding it. Of course it’s a cut to the inside of her hind leg. So I was trying to get a good look at it, but every time I touch her leg she holds it as high as possible and tries to pull it from my grasp. So I washed it as thoroughly as possible (while she’s jerking it around and threatening to kick me), then I dumped a ton of betadine/water solution over it.  She’s using the leg just fine. No swelling, no heat, no other indicators that it’s major. It appears to be a small cut from what I could feel (and the three second glances I could get).

I also discovered she is scared of spray bottles and the act of spraying her with it.  So now the poor pony is getting sprayed and touched with spray bottles twice a day. 

This kind of made me realize that she probably needs a lot of exposure to things I’ve forgotten to even consider anymore. I’m so used to Ava taking everything like an old pro that it doesn’t occur to me it might be scary to a youngster. So I’ve had to readjust my plans with Joy a bit. I’m going to spend some time each day just exposing her to different things (tarps, bags, flappy things, water spraying her, wraps on back legs, etc. etc). It also scared her when I accidently thumped my helmet while I was riding her. So I need to work with her on scary things from above too… otherwise, the first tree we pass under that scrapes my helmet is going to send her running for the hills.

A lot of work to do still… but she’s such a sweetheart that it’s enjoyable working with her.

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