U is for Unhinged

I am not having a good day.

It started with the dogs….

I was running late for work. I still needed to feed the horses. The dogs insist on coming to the barn with me in the mornings. Today, it’s wander, wander.. sniff, sniff.. they take their time heading toward me when I call. Ava’s kicking her stall wall now. Jessie is squealing at Ava. Everyone is banging walls to express their displeasure.

I hate rewarding the behavior, but I’ve gotta get them fed and out so I can leave.

I finally get the dogs hustled into the barn, feed the horses, toss the hay out, and the hose is frozen solid. They have a couple of half full buckets that are frozen over in the pasture. Aaaarrrrgghhhh…

Chastise dogs as they slowly walk back to house. They need to do their business eight million times in sniff approved places.

Get inside. I’m covered in hay. It’s down my shirt. It itches.

Con hubby into watering later am (when hose thaws).  I promise to be home by lunch to take Jessies blanket off and let her out.

Construction on highway. Crazy drivers.

Get to work 15 minutes late and one of my bosses is already there. It’s 7:15am. He’s chipper. I’m ready to rip the smile off his face.

Check the emails… people I’ve never heard of want me to demo code changes directly to clients. Ick.

Work on items. Nothing works. I can’t find the problem. Hours go by, and I’m still looking. I narrow it down to one file that generates a pdf. I can’t get it to run on my local environment. Nothing works. I try a hack on a QA link. I’ve done it a thousand times before with no problems… but today I break the link and no reports will run now. I spend the rest of the day trying to fix that. I fail. Repeatedly.


I get home and go out to catch Joy. Ava wont let me near Joy. She chases Joy off and shadows me. So I shoo Ava off. Joy high tails it out of there, then Ava runs off too. All of them ran away. And ran. And ran. And ran. I decide to try the old “make ’em run til they’re tired” approach. I kept it up for all of 100 feet before I was gasping and wheezing. My pasture suddenly seems like it’s 6 miles long.

I go back inside. I’m angry now, so I log in and try to fix the link I broke. Still broken. Still no clue how to fix it… even more frustrated.

I kick the empty wastebasket as hard as I can. I flies up, bounces against a box and hits me in the chest.


Still trying to fix the stupid link….

Horses are back up near the barn so I go back out to catch Joy. Nope. As soon as I get close to Joy, Ava flattens her ears at Joy and threatens her. I shoo Ava away, Joy goes flying toward the far end of the pasture… Ava galloping after her. I throw the halter and rope as hard as I can out of the pasture. I threaten to turn them all into dog food and stomp back to the house.

Link still broken.

Horses still being free agents.

Wastebasket is unrepentant.

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