T is for Tasers

I bet life would be a lot more amenable if I could Taser everything I wanted. 

Friends stand you up? Taser.

Long lines at the check out? Taser ’em!

Family not co-operating? Light those suckers up!



Every month we have a software patch release. What this really means is the last week of every month is a mad dash to get all of the items done. Just because you got yours done, doesn’t mean you won’t be given more. Or you might get someone else’s items if they can’t get them done before cutoff.
Either way, it is always hectic, long hours, and stressful.

I finished all my items, so my boss gave me another item (which will be impossible to get done by the cutoff date). He asks can I get it done in time?

Well, of course!


Tasers… useful in office environments too.

I haven’t worked/ridden Joy since Saturday. Almost a week. It’s not very easy to keep to a consistent schedule when the weather won’t cooperate. I miss having an indoor. Like REALLY miss it. Heck, I’d be thrilled to just have a level surface at this point…

I feel guilty about not working with her more.

I need to get a spot to ride set up. It’s too difficult using the pasture. I have to bring in Jessie and Ava and lock them up first. It works ok, but I’ve found that anything that makes things take more time, or effort, are easy things to use as excuses. For instance, today it’s very very cold, windy, and I’ve been up since 4:40am. I’m already over it just thinking about it…

That’s pathetic, isn’t it? I should be out there every day working my ponies. Rain or shine! Real horse people do that!

Screw it! Tomorrow it’ll be above freezing again. I can’t stand the cold!!!

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