S is for Silver Linings

It is snowing today! With the sun shining, and big flakes of snow, it kind of made for a pretty view.

It can go away now!


Joy’s grazing while Ava tries to con some treats out of me.


Ava has long chin whiskers.


My neighbor, who’s been in Florida the past month, is finally home! She also has horses, and enjoys trail riding. I’ve been dying to go trail riding with her. This is the same lady I boarded Ava with a few years ago (when I first got Ava). Anyway, she brought me flowers! She’s so sweet!


I hacked Joy’s mane off tonight.

I didn’t do a very good job with the top part. I’ll have to even it out later when I can tie her somewhere where there’s more light. She was bobbing around, trying to sniff everything. In person, it makes her look more streamlined, less disheveled. Then again, I’m partial to the shorter manes.


Like I mentioned, it’s cold and snowy today. It snowed so hard for a while that it actually coated everything. Thankfully it melted quickly. However, I went out to clean stalls after work and found the old gal, Jessie, shivering. The only blankets I own were Ava’s, and Jessie looks like she’s swimming in them. But I threw that on her, shut the barn up, and brought the other horses in for communal heat sources. She’s fine now, but I had assumed that because she had shelter that blocked the wind, and plenty of hay, that she’d stay warm enough. She’s still got most of her winter hair! I guess I was wrong.

She is 30… if she were human, she’d be living in Florida by now.

I’ll have to invest in some Jessie sized blankets for different weather conditions.

I spelled weather wrong when typing that and my phone auto-corrected it to “eat her”.
Sick phone I’ve got here.


A few months ago I inquired on a young warmblood mare listed for sale near me. Beautiful horse, awesome mover, fantastic temperment, and priced low (6k). The issue was that she had a hind suspensory injury previously. And the owner stated there were ‘irregularities’ in that leg. I really wanted her, but hubby and I decided we don’t have the money for “irregularities”.

Anyway, an acquaintance (who is a professional) bought the mare. I’m curious to see how the horse develops. I’m betting she goes like a top, sound as can be, for the next 10-20 years for this lady. If I’d bought the mare, she would’ve ended up lame two days after I got her home, with a career ending “irregularity”.

Money makes horse buying so much simplier. You can take some risks, you can handle the vet bills, you can go all out to determine how risky an irregularly is.. I’m going to have to save up for a long time if I ever plan on getting a warmblood in the future.

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