Q is for Quality or Quantity

If I clean the house super well for 5 minutes, that should be the equivalent of 30 minutes of ‘normal’ cleaning, right? Doesn’t quality vs quantity apply to house cleaning?

I suspect it doesn’t….

We now have a bit that (I think) fits Joy. It’s 4.5 inches long. Its so little!!

She seems to be much more comfortable with it in. I haven’t tried riding her with it yet. We’ll see.. I suck at fitting bits. I’m never quite sure if it’s right.

All I need now is a super short saddle, under $400, that fits my tubby butt. Then we’ll be rockin’!


Saturday I was supposed to meet two friends at a speed and action show. Neither showed up. One was stuck at a trade show all day, and I knew she was a maybe from the get-go. The other one though… She was the one that had asked to get together. I had to drive an hour, round trip, in order to get stood up. Not my idea of a fun Saturday night.



We moved a treadmill out of our basement yesterday. My poor hubby. I wasn’t strong enough to lift the darn thing. I gave ‘er all I had… totally not enough. Hubby was at the base of it (heavy end), while I struggled in vain with the light end.

I want a do-over weekend, with no heavy lifting.


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