P is for Possibilities

Last week I was looking online for a bridle for Joy. Nothing I have fits, and the cobbled together piece o’ crap had flappy check pieces, no nose band, and was very stiff. The only thing I needed prior to ordering a new bridle was to measure Joy to determine if I needed a Pony or Cob sized bridle. But I kept forgetting to measure her.

Friday I was talking to my hubby about using $70 to buy a pony bridle I’d found online. He tells me he already bought me one. Not only did he already buy one, but it had just arrived in the mail.

What a sweet heart!!

It’s an HKM dressage bridle that fits Joy really well. Plus, it has the cutest little crystal heart on the brow band.  It looks great on her (I took the flash off of it).

Joy Bridle Joy Bridle Side View

I was telling my husband that all I need now is a bit, and he chimes in that he’s already purchased one and it’s on it’s way here.


What an awesome Hubby!!

I think Joy looks fabulous in her new bridle!

This little pony is smart. I don’t have anywhere to really tie her in the barn yet, so I’ve been making her stand in the middle. She just stands there. I might have to remind her not to move once or twice (which consists of simply putting her back where she was), and then she just stands patiently while I go about whatever I’m doing. It really says a lot about the training her previous owners did with Joy. You can tell they put a lot of time into her.


I really like this pony.  I’m working on putting together some video of her being ridden, but I haven’t had much time to spend on the computer. Hopefully will have something uploaded by Monday. It’s nothing fancy.


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