O is for Outstanding

The weather lately has been absolutely amazing. Sunny, warm, brilliant blue skies, and just enough breeze to keep things cool.  We’ve been spending a lot of time working on cleaning up the poop piles around the house.

There’s soooo much poop.

Literally, piles and piles of it in the back yard. And not neatly tucked in a corner away from general traffic, but smack dap in the middle of the back yard.


Yesterday I was cleaning stalls (they were nasty). I went to start the little tractor we have that pulls the cart I was filling with poop, and it wouldn’t start. Dead battery. I tell the Hubby and he sets off to rectify the situation. He pulls out a box thing with knobs on it, and jumps the tractor with it. I’m blissfully going about my work when he asks why I didn’t jump it.

Me: “I don’t know how.”

Hubby: “Do you want to learn how?”

Me: “Uh……”

I’m terrible. I wanted to learn, but at the same time… once you know, you can’t pull the excuse of not doing something because you don’t know how.

Anyway, he shows me. Very simple procedure. I’m sure I’ll only shock myself the first several times I attempt it.


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