M is for Mission Impossible

Gates.. more specifically “How not to hang them”:


One little nudge upward and the gate falls completely over.

Second picture is the gate my husband re-did. Works much better now and I feel safer knowing a stray bump won’t knock the entire gate off its hinges. Yay!


Ava seems to be getting along with Joy better. Well, there’s still several bitch moments, but they’re getting less.

I rode Joy again today. We trotted. Go me! She did great. Not really good with the whole steering thing. Unbalance. Typically green horse stuff. Nothing crazy (thank GOD!).

I couldn’t catch Joy this evening. It was our normal routine of bringing everyone in, and instead of meeting me at the gate she ran like a crazy horse around the pasture for several minutes. So… I made her run a bit more, then caught her. I’m not sure why the change in behavior today. Normally she’s all up in my cool aid. I’ll have to see how tomorrow goes. Otherwise she’ll have to have the halter back on again (which I’d rather not do).

I keep thinking of Joy as very skiddish. She is sometimes. And yet, today a metal scoop got knocked over by the cats. Clanged to the ground loudly. Scared me to death. Joy didn’t twitch a muscle. She was like “Can I go sniff it?”

I have to do something with Joy’s mane. It looks scraggly. She actually has a thick mane, but it looks scraggly no matter what I use on it. I was thinking of cutting it short like a dressage horse. I’m a bit worried it’ll all stick straight up then. On the flip side, I think it would look better once it’s a uniform length.

No great stories to share today. I redefined “We” to mean “My Husband”.

WE will clean the other house. WE will fix stuff and clean poop.

He’s not embracing the new definition as well as I had hoped. 😉


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