K is for Kickoffs

That’s right, big brother! I’m ripping your garden out. I’m like the wrecking crew to your precious historical building!

I am “The Garden Destroyer!”

Muh ha ha ha!

Actually, what happened is…
I got my new tool belt on, slid my new work gloves on, grabbed my trusty claw hammer and started trying to pop rails off posts.

I jammed the claw on the hammer between the post and rail, and pulled…


I pulled harder!

STILL Nothing.

I set my feet on the post and pulled as hard as I could.

I nearly shit myself, but the board stayed firmly attached.

It figures that the only solid railing on the entire property surrounds a garden….

Husband came over with a sledge hammer and walloped all the boards off for me. I pretended to look busy by pulling nails out of the boards and haphazardly stacking them in random piles.

I’m such a helper!! 😉

One of the gates broke Saturday evening. It should’ve been an easy fix. Instead, Hubby had to replace the post. The original post was so rotted it broke clean off at ground level with a gentle push. Then hubby had to dig out the rotted remains and install a new post before reattaching hardware for the gate.

It looked like a hell of a lot of work.

I would’ve helped, but we didn’t put the ponies in their stalls prior to trying to fix the gate, so I blocked the opening with a lunge whip. Ava wasn’t scared of the whip, so I whipped it around enthusiastically to keep her at bay. While doing this, I “accidently” whipped my husband (whoops).






We have new kittens now too. Not that we needed any more cats.


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