J is for Joy

I thought I’d dedicate this post to my new pony, Margie’s Joy.

It’ll be one week tomorrow that I’ve owned Joy. My thumb still hurts from the trailer fiasco. Ugh. I’m going to have to spend the summer working with her on trailering. I’m not looking forward to that. At least we have a sturdy trailer that’s safe.

Other than the trailering issue, I haven’t found much not to like about her. She’s funny. I caught her trying to befriend the crows that land in the pasture.  Of course the crows take off before she gets very close, but as soon as they land again she’s off to meet them.

She seems to be extremely vocal about everything. Food, friends, everything. She’s got all kinds of different neighs and whinny’s for every situation… from a deep, booming neigh that nearly makes you go deaf to a pre-teen girly scream. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many different noises come out of one horse in my life.

She’s very person oriented. If I call her from the fence line she’ll run up to me and hang out as long as I want. She’ll leave her dinner to come say ‘Hi’. She seems to love attention, and enjoys being fussed over. Which is great, because I like fussing over horses.

So far, she’s been an absolute doll to handle. The previous owner mentioned that they lead her with a chain because sometimes she’d get strong, but so far she’s been very easy to handle/lead even in scary/tense situations. She skitters a bit when something scares her, but a light tug and she’s back. My only issue has been getting her to not invade my space. I don’t want her getting scared and bumping me, or running over me, but she’s catching on very quickly.

I’m eager to start riding her, but I’m lacking a suitable area to lunge or ride in. I’m not quite sure how to rectify this yet. I’d prefer something enclosed the first few times (in case I fall off).  There seems to be a relatively level area in the pasture, but I’m loath to use it because a.) there’s very little grass available in the pasture, and b.) the footing is slick after all the rain we’ve gotten. Otherwise, there’s a round pen in the field way behind the neighbors house I can use, but I noticed last week that some of the fencing was falling down.

I can’t quite read Joy’s expressions yet. I thought she was pissy at me earlier because I was rubbing her neck, but apparently that was her “scratch harder” look. She’s got some interesting expressions. Ha.

Anyway, I’m really enjoying having Joy.

I haven’t gotten any good pictures yet, so you’ll have to make due with these today. I’m hoping to get some video, or at least decent pics, this weekend.

Ava still chases Joy off from the gate, or whatever hay pile Ava decides she wants. But I’ve noticed they’re standing and eating closer together now. Another week and those two might actually be down right cordial. 😉







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