H is for Handyman Hubby

Everyone’s doing Husbands for H day, but let me brag a bit.

My Hubby is freaking awesome.


He built me a wonderful, sturdy stall that also looks beautiful. The door on this stall slides like a dream.

Yesterday he replaced the house’s water tank (which was a long and arduous process), because the old one had a leak. He makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He does the laundry, he does all the grocery shopping, he pays the bills and schedules all the appointments for whatever the house needs. He goes out of his way to help my family with whatever they might need.

Last weekend I mentioned in an off-hand way that I wanted one of those zero gravity chairs, and Monday he comes home with one he found on sale.

He has always supported my horse addiction to the fullest. Never once complained about the time I spend with Ava, or the amount of money it costs us. Or the amount of work it puts on him.

The list goes on and on…. He fixes my car, he maintains the trailer, he mows the lawn, takes out the garbage, he has done most of the moving by himself, and he still finds time to text or call me and ask how my day is going.

Without him, I wouldn’t be able to have a horse, or do even a tenth of the things I’ve been able to do. He pushes me to follow my dreams, tackle the hard things, and confront my fears.

I don’t know how I got lucky enough to catch such a great guy, but boy am I lucky!



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