E is for Extant

My co-worker left an entire box of thin mints unattended.


I found this to be either incredibly naive of him, or astonishingly brave.

Either way, it used up all my will power to not grab the entire box and bolt out the back door while shoving thin mints in my mouth by the handfuls.



The new pony is finally here. We had some snafu’s getting her home though. First she got both front feet in the canvas corner feeder. She wanted out of the trailer desperately. I had to cut the straps to the bag while she’s flailing about. Ding up my hand pretty good in the process. Blood dripping everywhere.

We get her free and back on four feet again. She then proceeds to rear up and strike at the front window every 5 seconds.

I’m freaking out by this point.

We still have an hour drive home. I call the owner. She says Joy will settle down. We decide to try for it….

We have a video monitor hooked up in the truck to see what’s going on in the trailer. I see Joy start to settle down. The rearing gets less. Then I see her pull back and literally launch herself at the window with her entire body. She bounces off the wall, pops back and tries it again.

And then she just stood there. The rest of the trip she rode like a statue. She watched out the window, sniffed the ceiling a bit, but otherwise just stood there.

We get home and unload her with no issues. She’s practically bouncing on her toes, but still listening to me. She was covered in sweat and shaking hard. I was worried she’d caused herself some neurological problems. I got her dried off, and by that time she’d stopped shaking. Poor girl must’ve been scared out of her mind.

Today she’s out with Ava (stalled next to each other last night). For two hours Ava chased her off from the gate area. Ugh.

They’re starting to get along now. Sort of.

My mare is a jerk.



5 thoughts on “E is for Extant

  1. Well. Even if they don’t become best friends, I’m sure little new pony mare will still start to like her anyway 🙂
    Being chased off from the gate or not!
    Funny how that works. ..


  2. Oh my goodness! The trailering sounds scary, for both of you! I’m glad she’s home safely now. Hopefully she and Ava are getting along a little better 🙂


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