D is for Delusional

You thought I’d say Dressage for the D Day.

I am suffering from introversion today.

We went to the tack store to buy a halter for the new pony. (superstition – I must place a new halter on the new horse I pick up.) Anyway, an acquaintance is there. I’m looking at halters while the lady is talking. Talking, talking, talking… I try to be outgoing, but after what seems like ages (2 minutes), I feel like the walls are closing in, everything’s too loud, the muscles in my face are frozen, and I’m ready to drop everything and bolt for the exit.

Thank God my husband plays interference for me.


Tomorrow we pick up the pony. I’m nervous. A lot of what if’s…

And let’s face it, I’m not doing the greatest with horses lately. Ava tears her meniscus tendon, Jessie ruptures a muscle getting cast in her stall (a stall she’s lived in for 3 years without a single incident), and my hay purchase was met with two very disappointed neighs/nays.

Ava is very upset with me for spending even the smallest amount of time with Jessie. She’s used to being an only child. Poor girl.

My husband was Mr. Awesome again. He installed 4 buckets and a corner feeder in the stalls, plus installed a stall door latch, and dumped my way too full wheel barrow for me.

He is too good to me.


My chihuahua, Zeus, is getting so good at actually coming when called. I even got him to stop, mid-chase, when chasing a cat. Considering six months ago his idea of “come” meant ignoring us and running full tilt down the road, I think he’s come a long way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My big dog, Dax… he’s always good. I feel bad for him though. His knees hurt, he’s feeling his age, and the last two weeks have been more activity then he’s seen in a few years. He’s been a bit reluctant to do any extra walking that isn’t going to immediately benefit him.

Although I must say, the jerk stood at the bottom of the hay stack barking furiously at me while I futilely yelled ‘move’ so I could toss down another bale. He thought it was an awesome game. I felt like cartman.


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