B is for Blogging – A to Z

I’m going to try doing the “Blogging A to Z Challenge“. I don’t think it was meant for horse blogs, but who cares.

I missed April first’s “A” blog. I’ll do both A and B today.

A is for Aftermath

I had hoped Jessie’s injuries (from getting her leg hung up in the stall) were less severe then the vet had suspected. Watching her walk around yesterday I could see that the leg doesn’t move right. The joints don’t coordinate. The fetlock joint is off in la-la land doing it’s own thing while the rest of the leg is doing something different. The vet thought she had ruptured the peroneus tertius muscle. Unfortunately, I agree.

From The Canadian Veterinary Journal:

The peroneus tertius tendon (PT) is an important part of the reciprocal apparatus coordinating the flexion and extension of the stifle and hock.

The old lady doesn’t let it hinder her though. I let her wander around a little yesterday and the first thing she did was roll vigorously in the sand.  Then she popped back up and wandered over to munch some hay.

On the plus side… there’s no swelling, no heat, and the cuts are healing well. I guess we’re lucky it wasn’t worse than it was. For her sake though, I had hoped it was sprains and not tears or ruptures. Unfortunately she’ll be on stall rest for quite a while.


B is for Breadth

I can’t tell if Ava’s gotten wider, or I’ve simply forgotten how wide she is, but either way… that gal is W-I-D-E!

We’ve gone on two trail rides this week. The first one was the very first ride at our new place, and only the second time she’s been ridden in the last 6 months (the first being back in late January).  She did great. We had a very small discussion about not tossing her rider, and then everything went smoothly after that.

Last night I went out to the pasture to get Ava, she’s in the back, so I called for her (not really expecting anything to happen). Next thing I know I hear thundering hooves and here she comes galloping up to the gate. She slid to a stop in front of me (I was getting worried she wasn’t going to stop) and practically shoved her head into the halter.

Which just makes me think, “Lame horse, my ass”.

But as soon as I think about the possibility of her doing dressage again, that’s when she’s all “Oh, gosh, my leg. Ouch. Ouch.”

Whatever.   *roll eyes*

She’s a great trail horse though. She might spook, but it’s a spook in place. She’s really brave and will walk past or through anything as long as you give her a moment to assess it.

Mainly, I think she loves it when I make a fuss over what a good girl she is.   She likes the one on one time.  She’s such a people oriented horse. She’ll leave her friends in a heart beat if it means she gets me all to herself.

And to be honest with you… I still secretly hope that with another 6 months of just walking trails she might become sound enough to trot and canter down the trails in the future.

We’ll see. If not, that’s fine. Ava power walks everywhere. Most horses can barely keep up with her. It gives me a chance to work on my ‘following’ seat.


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