I bought a…

I’m embarrassed to admit this…

I bought a pony.

There. I said it.

She’s a 6 year old Morgan/Welsh mare. Around 14.2 hands. Green broke.

The worst part is… I don’t look ridiculous on her. I had kind of hoped I would be too tall for her.

I queued up the video so it starts playing where I got on. If you want to see her movement without a rider then click on this link: https://youtu.be/4MuIu4Z1msY

She hadn’t been worked, or ridden, all winter and that day was the first time she was worked this year. I was thinking that I really didn’t want to ride her because I was worried she’d be a fool under saddle. She’s very green broke. 30 days with a pro to get her started under saddle two years ago, and then 20 rides last year.

She was full of energy, but not outrageously  crazy. Never mean, never aggressive. Never tried anything bad under saddle. Worst she did was balk near the gate.

She’s extremely fun to ride. The canter feels amazing! It feels like riding a big horse, but she’s so little it’s not scary.

Anyway, for now I’m planning on spending at least the summer training her, and then possibly selling her in a year or two as a kid, or small adult, dressage pony for the local circuit. I have a friend that offered to help me teach her jumping too. So maybe sell her as a pony clubber pony.  She’s got an adorable face on her, she’s put together decent for lower levels, and she’s smooth. Plus, it gives me a low key project to ride while we work on getting the old house on the market and the new place fixed up. And the fencing here isn’t suitable for a big, athletic youngster (I can’t afford to board this year).

3 thoughts on “I bought a…

  1. Congrats! I wouldn’t write her off as a mount for you to get rid of in a year or so- the ponies are becoming quite popular on the dressage circuit. They have their own championships and everything (I believe their top championships are are 4th level or PSG? Don’t quote me!). She’s cute, and a good brain is always something to hold on to!


    • Thanks, Jan. It’s nice to have a ‘yea’ vote on the mare. I’ve been second guessing myself since agreeing to buy her.

      I looked up Morgan’s and Morgan crosses in dressage, and there are far more (and more successful) than I thought there were. I’m going to wait to see how she handles collected work before deciding whether to sell of not.


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