Early Morning Scare

The old mare, Jessie, got cast in her stall this morning and some how got her hoof through the bars of the stall and wedged it between the bars. Even bent the bars.

We had to cut the bars to free her hoof. Husband cut the bar with a Sawzall. She was all twisted up and in odd angles (unnatural angles). She’d been struggling for a while. Breathing heavy. Obviously very frightened.

Husband gets the hoof free, she just lays there breathing heavily. After a minute I nudged her and she tried to stand, but was still too close to the wall. We had to put ropes around her legs and pull her on to her other side so she could stand up. Nearly got my husband squashed and kicked by the hind end.

We finally get her to a point where she can get up on her own. She struggles up and immediately makes a mad, 3-legged dash to the pasture. Blood streaming down her leg. Most pathetic sight ever. Then I had to chase her down while she three-legged hopped away from me.

Stubborn old mare.

We had the vet out. She’ll live. Damaged, and on stall rest for at least a month, but she’ll live.

When we finally got her in the barn, she was shaking really badly. I didn’t have any horse blankets at the new house, so I put some extra blankets we had in the house on her.


I called 3 different vets. The first one said they’d have the vet call us, but he never called. The second one told us they wouldn’t come out because we weren’t a client, and they weren’t accepting new clients. I asked them if they could suggest any other vets in the area, and they told me no. Flat out, just no. Third vet called me right back, verified Jessie wasn’t dying that very moment, and she fit us in for late morning.  Thank God!

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