Oldenburg, Hanoverian, or this thing that looks like a cow?

So…. I have 400 buckeroos available to spend on my next super-star dressage partner!!!

You’re so jealous, aren’t you?

Which massively talented dressage prospect should I buy with all this money?!?

Gosh, the possibilities are endless.


I’m hoping after we file taxes that I’ll have around $1,500 – 2,500 to use toward a new horse. Hopefully.

I tried adopting a TB from New Vocations¬†but was denied.¬†Their fencing requirements are not met by a large majority of the boarding facilities around me, and I’m not paying to replace all their fencing in order to¬†adopt a¬†horse. So that’s out. Canter is out too.

I will never¬†have enough money to touch anything with the word ‘warmblood’ in its lineage. ¬†I can’t find much around here that has the basic freedom of movement that you’d want in a dressage horse. The ones that do are beyond my price range. I’ve been denied by the TB adoption agencies. ¬†And I’m not having any luck getting someone to sponsor me by buying me a dressage bred prospect. ha ha

I’m kind of scared about buying a new horse. What if I pick wrong? What if I end up with something crazy? My whole situation with a trainer who is out of state all winter only works if I have a horse I can control. If I run into issues in the winter, then I’m screwed. But buying horses is like anything in life. Pick two: Cheap, great mover, sane.

You can’t have all three.

Kind of moot at the moment anyway.

2 thoughts on “Oldenburg, Hanoverian, or this thing that looks like a cow?

  1. Get the cow. If she doesn’t work out you’ll get milk and cheese. :0)

    Are you kidding???? I said EXACTLY the same things about my new horse. You can $50,000 and have a lame horse next week. You can $35,000 and get crazy. There is a horse out there! My wish list was: not crazy, sound, potential for dressage, less than 10 years old and older than 4, and less than $5,000. That was it. I think I got my wish. :0)


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