Jump lesson

I made the mistake of asking the barn owner how much the 4 year old gelding was selling for. He’s cute. His name is Matt. How droll. Ha.

I signed up for a lesson from the jumping instructor at my barn.

I used to jump when I was young. I took lessons for maybe a year, maybe two. I can’t remember now. I remember falling off a lot. I remember it hurt.

But the other day I’m watching a young girl jump and I wanted to ride so badly that I just blurted out “Can I take a lesson?”.

I wanted the lesson partly because it feels like a complete departure from dressage and all the ruined dreams. A way to reconnect with horses that doesn’t involve goals or hopes or dreams. Just me and an unfamiliar horse.

Lesson day, and my barn owner tells me to saddle up Matt. She suggests I use my saddle. I didn’t want to, but it fits him fine so I use it.

I think she’s trying to sell me the horse subversively.

Jokes on her… I can’t afford him. Hahahaha

Riding around she tells me to trot him down a line of ground poles. I’m scared. She keeps yelling at me to release the death grip on his mouth. I try, but as soon as I release I get scared and clench.

A few times over the poles and she tells me to canter him. I can’t figure out how to get him to canter. She tells me to sit to the outside. I try, but nothing happens. I feel like this is my first time riding, ever.

Finally get a canter and she tells me to go over the poles. I’ve never cantered poles before. Not more than one anyway. I’m freaking out so I close my eyes. Horse goes over them like ‘Yeah. Whatever’.

I’m thrilled to still be alive. I want to do it again. She let’s me go over them a few more times, but each time I lose the canter half way through. My arms flap, my legs bounce. I ride like crap and don’t care.

The lesson ends and I’m so happy. Barn owner keeps implying I should buy the horse without actually saying it.

It was fun.

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