Video of Ava trotting

I took some video of Ava today. I tried keeping her quiet, but… it didn’t work out so well.

I wanted to show you the lameness and see if any of you had any thoughts on it.

I also wanted to document where she’s at right now.

After this video, I took Ava outside to graze for a few minutes. She walked out like she was the soundest horse ever. Serious over tracking on both sides. It just seems so odd…

I look like a dwarf next to Ava! Haha. She’s barely 15.2 hands.

2 thoughts on “Video of Ava trotting

  1. Wow. That’s quite a lamness (and a bored pony, poor Ava!). Doesn’t look like hock to me, but I’m not a vet. She’s certainly very short strided back there, though. I could see how you would think stifle or SI. It seems like something pretty high up, from the way she’s loading it.

    My fingers are crossed for you. This has to be horribly frustrating.

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  2. Many times, to find difficult problems, one has to make the problem visibly obvious. My advice would be to work her very hard for 3-4 days,, let her sit for a full 24 hrs, and then take her out for a walk/ trot on a hard surface.


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