It’s a lot of driving for a hobby

Ava’s doing well. I had the chiropractor adjust her Tuesday. I didn’t realize the chiro gave the horses vitamin b shots. If I’d known I would’ve warned them about Ava’s aversion to shots. Everyone survived, but I felt like the parent who was told that her kindergartner bit the other kids. 
BO: “Your horse was naughty today.”
Me: “How bad was she?”
BO: “Nothing we couldn’t handle, but he must’ve hit a sore spot on your mare.”
Me: “A sore spot? Oohh, riiiiiight. Yeah, must’ve been that.” *shifty looking*

The vet I took Ava to for her stifle called me the other day. He said he might have another option to try with ultrasound. And in addition we can try treating Ava by injecting the stifle and then attempting to bring her back into work slowly. The other option is take her to MSU, have the stifle scoped and hope the surgeon see what’s wrong and determine if he can fix it while in there. If I go with treat and see, then I can’t have the stifle scoped until 8 weeks after that. I’m indecisive about which avenue to take.

I rode Ellie again tonight. What a fun mare! She’s still stiff and bulges into my left leg/rein. She’s actually the exact opposite of Ava… Ellie wants to lean on the left shoulder and bulge her barrel into your left leg.

My main concern is that Ellie isn’t able to come over her back while she’s crooked and leaning. She holds herself stiffly in a ‘frame’, but there’s no back involved in it. I’m not quite sure yet how to really get her to unlock.  For now, I work on moving the left shoulder to the right, leg yields to the right to get her weight more on the right shoulder, and lots and lots of bendy lines so that she can’t lock and brace around the middle of her body. Then I ask for as much forward as I can get without losing balance so that she’ll step under herself as much as possible. I worry she’ll pull or pinch something with how stiffly she carries herself right now.

I hope as she gets more fit, and she becomes more flexible through her body, that her back will naturally start releasing. I hope.

I need a good exercise for her canter to trot transitions though. She slams hard onto the left shoulder on the downward tran. She refuses to trot and will either quit and balk, or continue in a bunny hopping like canter that is walk speed (it’s not pretty). If I can just get her barrel to bend around the left leg then she could make the transition into trot more easily…  it’s going to take a bit of finessing though. I tried leg yielding to trot, and it did help, but not as well as I had hoped. I have heard it takes some time to fix this, but I would like a few more exercises to try. I’ll have to research that.

Anyway, it takes me 45 minutes to drive from work to Ellie’s barn. It’s 35 minutes from Ellie’s barn to home. It’s an hour drive from Ellie’s barn to Ava’s barn, but only 20 minutes from home or work to Ava’s barn. It’s a lot of driving… but I can’t afford to board Ellie near me so I’ll just have to make due for now. I was really going into withdrawls not riding. It’d been 3 weeks… too long in my book. 🙂

I’m just happy to be riding again. It’d be even better if it were Ava… no wait… it’d be awesome if I could ride both and they were at the same barn. That’d be the perfect scenario. =D

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