Ava update

Still lame. Very lame. I haven’t been able to ride for over a week because she’s in too much pain. She doesn’t even want to trot on the lunge, nor does she do her usual kick up her heels and act like an idiot for 5 minutes when we start.

Vet appointment is Wednesday. I asked for the works. I’m taking hubby, who is extremely skilled at motivating people to do things they wouldn’t necessarily deem profitable. 😉 People tend to treat me like those tiny yippy dogs… ignore or talk down to.

I’ve prepared myself as best I can for the worst, but I’m still too hopeful that we can fix this. Considering I only have money for one horse, and I don’t have my own place to stable her at home, this creates an issue if she’s permanently disabled. It’s a big issue specifically because I can’t bare/bear to part with her, but storing her at someone’s house like an broken toy is unfair to Ava.

I want Wednesday to come quick and end with a positive outcome.

Wishful thinking….

3 thoughts on “Ava update

  1. Hoping for a positive outcome for Ava. I’ve seen many a lame horse recover with good physical therapy/massage and even homeopathic combination remedies. Wishing you the best!

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