Finding a new barn…

Well, I think I’ve found a barn to move Ava to. It is too expensive, but we’re going to try to make it work through the winter. I’m thinking that if I can move her in the summer to a cheaper facility than it will offset the increase over the winter.

Hubby seems optimistic that we can afford this. I’m a pessimist…. so we’re going to go broke, lose our house, and have to sell the horse. Haha :/

The new barn seems nice. I’m super excited about the trails. 200 acres of land, plus it butts up against a preserve, and another farm with even more trails. I’ve really missed trail riding this year. Plus it has a heated lounge and heated bathrooms which will be very appreciated this winter.

It was pretty deserted when we got there though. I found that a bit depressing. And it’s basically a jumper barn. Jumps are set up year round. They seemed to have it set up well so that there were large patches for flat work. There were also clear diagonal lines available and the BO said she tries to keep it set up so dressage riders can get their work done without too many hassles.

I don’t know…. we’ll see. But if this place won’t work then it’s getting pretty late in the year to get a spot in a barn with an indoor. Most of those barns are full, or close to it, by now (the decent ones are).

2 thoughts on “Finding a new barn…

    • I got to thinking, and I agree, deserted would be better than having a bunch of other people riding. At least then I can circle and change directions without worrying if I’m freaking people out. 🙂


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