Blog Stagnation – And latest updates

I’ve been reading a really good book series lately. Every free second I get I bury my nose in my book. My desire to write blog posts about the things that are frustrating me is at zero lately.

Here’s the update:

I had two more lessons with Roz the past month. I hauled Ava to a show that the trainer was at so I could get a lesson (since the show was closer than the trainers barn). The lesson went well, and it highlighted the need for increasing Ava’s suppleness side-to-side. Ava was great even with all the commotion of the show. She got right down to work and tried her heart out.

The next two weeks I worked on canter half-pass, and also on bendy circles to loosen Ava up side-to-side.

Yesterday I had a lesson with Roz at this super amazing facility. I imagine this would be similar to what only the filthy rich and superbly talented would ride at. The footing was amazing. I’m not sure what was in it, but it was springy and cushioney. If I could ride on that every day I would think I had died and gone to heaven.

Back to the lesson… we worked on collection and transferring the signals to my seat. Or in other words, riding from my seat more. We also worked on half-pass at the trot, and finally some medium trot. I couldn’t hear that well so I was having some issues with that, but I also had some misunderstanding about how to actually do a half-pass. I’ll go into that more later, but I did end up getting a few strides where it was so totally obvious (feeling wise) that it was correct that I think I can actually attempt to duplicate it at home now.

I’ll post video later. It takes a while to process in order to edit, so I have to wait until it’s done processing.

Here are some pics to tide you over:

My first time tying Ava to a trailer. She was a good girl about it.

Yesterdays lesson with Roz in the super amazing, gargantuan indoor arena, with the superb footing (I want to live there): click an image to enlarge







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