Vet came out

I had the vet out to look at Ava’s legs this morning. I am frustrated.

He did flexions, hoof testing, checked the stifles, and the SI joint. He didn’t do x-rays though. Apparently I have to haul Ava to his facilities to get those done.

He said he could see that she was short striding a little on the left hind and that he didn’t feel it was related to the cut she has on the right hind. He said the cut is healing well.

He said that it is probably the beginnings of arthritis, but he wouldn’t know for sure without x-rays. So he gave me horse aspirin, told me to give that her for one month, and if she’s still off to bring her in for x-rays. Then he charged me $243.00.

I had really wanted x-rays done. I had really wanted definitive answers on what is wrong with Ava.

Oh, and to end the visit he suggested that maybe Ava was at the top of what she could do dressage wise, and maybe I should buy a new horse.  😦 Bah. Don’t tell me that! Ick! Like anyone wants to hear that crap.

I’m going to buy some joint supplement stuff, figure out what else I can do to help ease the pain (without drugging her), and put her back into basic work. I won’t do anything requiring real collection until her fitness level is back up to par.

And if in a month she’s not significantly better, then we’ll go in for x-rays and possibly the dreaded injections. Although, who knows if that’s even possible. She’ll try to kick your head off if you poke her with a needle in the neck, I’d hate to see what would happen should your head be near the leg. Oh well, we’ll see…

Not the greatest news to hear. Not the worst.

Do any of you know a way to protect Ava’s stomach from aspirin? I’m hesitant to actually put her on it. Any one have any experience with it? I’d never heard of putting a horse on aspirin for a long period of time (more than a day or two).

3 thoughts on “Vet came out

  1. I am sorry to hear about Ava and the vet visit. So frustrating. Did you try a week of Bute to see if that helps? All our upper level competition horses are on a 1/4 tablet of Previcox ( Bute cannot be used with Previcox) along with Adequan and Ledgend. Personally we have not had much success with the oral supplements. Our horses work hard and they do get sore from time to time. If she does need hock injections it’s OK (she’ll be sedated for those). We have some horses that get them every six months to keep them comfortable. Some may disagree but at this level we have to be pro-active in keeping our horses happy and pain free. I’m not sure what part of the country your in but here in Va this is all common practice with competition horses of all disciplines. Maybe getting some shots of her hock can give you a more definitive answer if that’s what your vet thinks maybe bothering her. Anyway, all the best and keep us posted.


  2. Have you tried acupuncture? I don’t know what vet you use (I live in your area), but when the vet came out to do my daughter’s horse’s teeth he gave her acupuncture because she seemed a bit sore on one side and it really seemed to help her move out better.


  3. Wow. That vet was … awful. I’m so sorry! Unless you have a definite diagnosis, there’s no reason that Ava should top out where she is!

    I wouldn’t let her extreme response to needles worry you too much. A good vet should be able to get injections done (even if they have to put her out for them), and if it’s her hocks bothering her (which it probably is) she probably won’t need them for life. The hock will fuse and she’ll be pain free again.

    I can’t help but agree, x-rays are probably the way to go. How frustrating the vet didn’t let you know that he couldn’t do them! Fingers crossed!


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