Inga Wolframm Equestrian Sport Pychologist

I ran across some blog posts talking about a book called “The Science of Equestrian Sports Theory, Practice and Performance of the Equestrian Rider” by Inga Wolframm. The reviews were great, and blog posts made the book sound extremely informative and helpful for dressage riders.

The book is for sale for $145 (way out of my price range).  However, she has podcasts and videos on her website that are free to listen/view.  I’ll include the links below. She also has scientific publications available if you contact her.

Inga Wolframm Bio:  

Wolframm is an accredited sports psychologist specialising in equestrian sports and providing advice and support across all disciplines and levels. She works as a senior lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein, the Netherlands, teaching and supervising on the Bachelor Program “Equine, Leisure and Sport”. Wolframm is also a Council member of the International Society for Equitation Science (ISES).

Inga Wolframm completed her PhD on “Psychological Traits and States in Equestrian Sports” at the University of Essex.


Free Videos:!quotes/c20gw


Other Podcasts:

While looking for a way to add her podcasts to my phone, I ran into Chris Staffords Radio on Podbean. It includes numerous podcasts  “covering news, views and interviews from around the world of horse sports”.  The Inga Wolframm podcasts are included in the feed.

One thought on “Inga Wolframm Equestrian Sport Pychologist

  1. You know, the Netherlands is now what was formerly known as Holland. You can’t trust no dutch people! I don’t care what they’re calling themselves nowadays, any culture that wears wooden shoes and dances around tulips ain’t right in the head! Stick with tried and true American know-how. At least we don’t praise windmills as our gods!
    Please note: The windmill thing is pure speculation. It is used merely to over accentuate then validity of the writers point of view.


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