I Arrived? Where was I?

The email I got from an acquaintance (in reference to my rated show) stated “You have arrived!”

I’m sitting at home in my P.J.’s reading emails and stuffing my mouth full of popcorn. Apparently I have arrived here. I wonder if the email writer realizes I have food stuck to my shirt.

I dislike the concept of ‘now you’re someone’, or the idea I’ve made some monumental leap. It wasn’t a leap, I wasn’t at one spot one second and winning a ribbon the next. All success is, is the systematic repetition of really little steps over a long period of time.

The one foot over the over approach.

Anyway, I’m going to spend my weekend trying to set up a correctly bent half-pass at a walk coming out of the corner. I might get two steps out of 80 tries this time. Maybe by next year I’ll get another email about my arrival at Third.

I can hope. ๐Ÿ™‚

6 thoughts on “I Arrived? Where was I?

  1. Well, you’re just a buzz kill, aren’t you Mrs. Buzz Killington. People want to celebrate your ascension to mediocre greatness, and you wanna piss on their parade? “With power, comes great responsibility”. Know your roll!


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