USEF Pony Classes

USEF Pony classes have got to be the most confusing division. It seems like the information is scattered and conflicting. So I went right to the source and asked.

This is for USEF/USDF Rated dressage shows.

First, even if you are riding a pony, you can show in any class you want and any division (AA, JR/YG, or Open). You aren’t relegated to only pony class. This is the statement I was given when asked if a pony can enter regular classes, “The only time you need a pony measurement card is if you enter a class specifically limited to ponies. A pony without a measurement card can always enter any class open to horses.”

If you do enter the Pony Division, then a USEF Dressage Pony Measurement Card is required.

The rider can be any age (I have this on fact). I believe they can be either amateur or professional. I couldn’t find any conditions on status of the rider, other than they have to be members of USEF.

Membership Requirements:

The owner must be a USEF member and the horse must be recorded with the USEF (either annual or lifetime) in order to compete in a pony class.

Pony Measurement Card:

You can get the cards from most rated shows. You have to let the show know that you need your pony measured so that they can coordinate the times and location. The show has to get a veterinarian to assist with the measurement (they won’t measure a lame horse).

The fee for measurement will not exceed $100. The $100 fee is split between the ponies getting measured. Meaning, if there’s only one pony being measured then that pony pays the $100 fee, two ponies, 50/50 split, etc. The fee is to pay for the veterinarian.


If anyone see’s any inaccuracies or has additional information they’d like to add, please leave a comment below.


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