I registered for a Rated Show

I am officially entered in a rated show! Woo Hoo! I have three weeks to become a dressage super star.

Ha! I just freaked myself out.

I signed up for Second Level Test 2 and Test 3. I debated for several agonizing hours over which level to do, and which tests. The safe bet would’ve been First 3 and Second 1. But… I really have a blast in the last two Second level tests. Those two tests are fast paced and challenging, and when Ava is “on” she can make the movements seem effortless and floaty. Of course, when we’re not “on”, we can really make a mess of it. Anyway, I settled on ‘fun’ rather than safe. I may regret that later. 😉

I should probably clip Ava this week. And I need a real stock tie for this event. I lost my show glooves somewhere… I’m hoping they’re just misplaced. I need to memorize the tests to a T before the show. I have so much work to do!!

I’m so excited!

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