When the Chips are Down

I eat them all.

Yeah, I know. I’m a tubby. Don’t judge. 😉

I couldn’t think of a catchy title.. 🙂

I have my first show of the season this Saturday. It’s also my first show since June of last year, and the second show I’ve done to in over two years.

I don’t really enjoy showing. I love watching people show, I love helping others at shows… but boy, showing is a LOT of work! A lot of work… for a ribbon. A ribbon I usually throw away or give back afterward. Because let’s face it, after the first dozen yellow and pink ribbons are proudly hung on the wall, you start tossing those in the tack trunk and forgetting them until you clean it out two months later.

Anyway… showing. A lot of hurry up and wait.

This is going to be my first real attempt at Second Level where I feel our training is up to par enough to do a decent rendition of collection. I’m excited to show off what we can do, yet terrified our performance will be sub-par.

If we perform well, and I can keep it together at the show, then I’m hoping to hit one day of a rated show this summer. Which would be so cool!

Oh, by the way, I shaved off Ava’s lovely Friesian feathers last week. She looks naked now… but she also looks sleek and powerful too. By the time I finished shaving the fourth leg I had enough hair on the ground that I could’ve filled an entire grocery bag completely. Just from mid cannon bone down. It was a lot of hair.


One thought on “When the Chips are Down

  1. Haha I loved the title, gave me a laugh when you said you eat them all.. I honestly like that motto 🙂 Good luck at the show! And I know, while I actually do really love showing, for some strange reason (it’s a true addiction- needing something detrimental to you haha), sometimes I do sit back and think: “what a pain! I take my whole weekend, 600$+, for about 15 minutes of actual show-time riding, just to get nothing half the time or a little ribbon the other half” lol! And I have boxes of ribbons too… I feel like such a brat now when I’m like “eh, just another little ribbon” at the local shows. I’m still collecting the eventing ribbons because they’re bigger and ‘newer’ to me, but I’m sure soon they’ll lose their luster too and my next goal will be like a cooler or a neck ribbon or something! How spoiled!! 😉 She looks adorable!


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