Dreading a Clinic, or Watch as I Make a Fool of Myself

I’m riding in a clinic today and tomorrow with a trainer from another state.

I don’t know his training style or really much about him other than he labled himself classical. The irony of the situation is not lost on me.

I haven’t had a lesson in 6 months. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up embarresed at some point. I would’ve liked a couple lessons first, so I could at least work on something more than “sit up” and “stop curling into the fetal position!”.

Plus, I’m out of shape so I’m a bit worried how long I’ll last. $150 for one stupid lesson. I better be in shape enough to at least get a solid 30 minutes of work in. Otherwise I’ll be kicking my own behind afterward.

I’m not ready for show season, clinics, etc. I was rather enjoying the winter break. Summer kind of snuck up on me. Although, it’s only 45 degree’s so I’ not quite sure that qualifies as summer yet.

I’ll update you on how this clinic went afterward. At the moment I’m concerned my horse will kick the clinician. My main goal is to not let that happen. My secondary goal is to get the horse loaded with the least amount of fuss. We’ll see…

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