Magical Saddle Pads – Part 2

Well, it’s been a few days of riding with the new saddle pad. You can read part one here –

I still feel it’s worth the money (which was a LOT of money). Previously, no matter what I did, my mare would never lower her head below about level with her shoulders at the trot. Now, we’re trotting along and she’d be completely happy to let her lips drag on the ground. I’m not sure I really want that, buy it’s an interesting change that I noticed.

I do think the pad has helped make Ava more comfotable under saddle. She’s less grumpy during tack up. She seems happier to lift her back if I’m not asking for any hard work.

The fleece part is staying nice. It’s dirty now, but even if sweaty I just lay it upside down and it dries out well. Still fluffy and nice.

The negatives are that it did not make me a miracle rider. I still have all the same problems. So, no magical fixes there. Haha.

I rode stirrupless last night and felt much less guilty about my flopping. πŸ™‚

I definitely would buy this saddle pad again.

4 thoughts on “Magical Saddle Pads – Part 2

  1. Excellent review! I have been looking for a new pad and just might give this one a try! What are the wash and care instructions? Can I just toss it into the washer like I do my other pads?


    • The pad is designed to only be washed 2 to 3 times in it’s lifetime. At least that’s what the care instructions said. If dirty you can spot wash it. But mainly when it gets sweaty and gross you air dry it with the wool facing up, and once dry you brush it with a pet brush (i assume they meant a soft bristled brush when they said pet brush). So far I’ve gotten it thoroughly sweaty twice. I laid it out, it dried, i fluffed the wool by wiggling my hand over it vigorously back and forth. It poofed up and looked good again.

      I’m concerned abouy the not washing it thing… i can’t keep anything clean.


  2. I go back and forth on my fleece saddle pad. My current saddle is a touch too wide for my horse, but he seems to be tighter and less happy when I ride in my sheepskin pad. Instead, just a cheap foam and synthetic pad seems to be his preference. Sigh. I should be happy about his cheap taste. πŸ˜‰

    Have you tried waterless shampoo to spot clean your fleece? I’ve had good luck using that and letting it dry in the sun to bleach back out.


    • Ha! That’s funny! No accounting for taste. πŸ˜‰

      I haven’t tried the waterless shampoo. I’ll give it a try! I’ve never owned a fleece pad before, and am a complete noob about caring for them.


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