Winter Doldrums

My bird bath is gone. Somewhere, in the vast expanse of snow, is a blue ceramic, 2 foot high bird bath. The snow is so deep that when I’m standing in my yard, I am higher off the ground than my bird bath stands. I could walk over it and never even notice.

This winter has got to end at some point!

Due to the weather and extremely cold temps (it was -5 this morning with wind chill of -20), my riding has been rather sporadic. I try to ride several times a week (Thank goodness for indoor arenas!), but some weeks have been too cold to do anything other than walk with some short trot work.

Basically all I’ve done since November is work long, round, low with a focus on relaxation. I figured it can’t hurt her as long as I don’t put her behind the vertical, and I was hoping it might help her learn how to relax.

Part of me thinks it’s really helping. The rest of me thinks I’m full of… uh, it.

The nice part is I can now get the big, bouncy trot with big forward movement pretty much whenever I want now. And for quite a long time. Last year we could only do it for a few strides during an entire ride, now we’re doing long stretches of it.

The bad part is I can’t sit it. It launches me out of the saddle like a high tension spring. Boing!

I look like a newb trying to learn how to post.

You know, people always say you should buy a horse you can ride. But they forget to mention that the more training you put on a dressage horse the bigger the movement gets. So remember… that horse you can’t sit the trot on now will get a bigger trot later. Yay!

Why do we do this to ourselves? Haha

Last note… I cut my thumb today at the barn. My hand was frozen and I didn’t notice until I saw blood on Ava. Then I freaked out trying to find where she hurt herself… only to be relieved it wasn’t her.

I hate winter. This white stuff can go away any day now.

Here’s a bad pic of Ava. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Winter Doldrums

  1. Ugh I hate the winter too! But I still think it’s good for our horses to get some down-time to repair. I know a lot of the walking and stretch work Wiz and I have done have really helped 🙂

    Oh and Wiz has such a bouncy trot! (Like I mean not bouncy in a bad way, but big movement- bigger than it looks from the ground). I tried to sit it bareback and I almost bounced right off. The more work I put into him the worse it gets haha. I need to work on myself 😥


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one with a bouncy trotter! Sometime I force people to ride my horse just to see if it looks as bad as it feels. 🙂

      So glad Wiz is doing well with the stretch work! I need to work on that on myself as well.


      • I just need to get better at sitting! My last house was a QH so he was easy 🙂 I know walk work is boring but I forced myself to implement a lot more of it over the winter (esp since I only have an outdoor and footing wasn’t always great) and I swear it made a huge difference


  2. I can’t even fathom your winter. Is that even possible? Seriously, how do you all … live? Do you do anything outside? How do you guys get any exercise? How do you drive anywhere? Next winter, please plan a visit to my neck of the woods; we’d host you in a heartbeat.

    Not to rub it in, but I rode in a spaghetti strapped tank top today and have a sun burn. Sydney got a full soap bath and Speedy got the heck curried out of him trying to dislodge as much shedding hair as possible. I am just shaking my head at your complete hardiness.


    • I don’t like the high winds either. My horse doesn’t seem to care, but they make me nervous and jumpy. Plus, it’s just hard to do anything without getting a face full of dirt and hair. 🙂


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