Day 3 of Migraineville

It is the 3rd day with an excruitating migraine. I am at work, where the heat went out sometime yesterday and it is -5 outside. I have long johns on, so I’m still relatively warm, but the cold really seeps in when sitting at a desk. I have just been asked to lunch by the new guy who I have really bad vibes about. He phrases all questions as statements. I believe it’s to cover for insecurities, but not sure yet. More observation needed. I am unsure what is setting off the bad vibes, but I have learned they are rarely wrong. I politely declined the lunch.

Am waiting for 5pm to go check on Ava. No riding until temp gets closer to 20 degree’s. Forecast says that may occur sometime Saturday.

Writing this is bathroom so boss doesn’t see. Hahahaha

Stay warm everyone!


8 thoughts on “Day 3 of Migraineville

  1. Your last sentence made me chuckle 😉 Hope your migraine goes away fast. Apologies for delay with your training plan, I wanted to get it over to you faster than usual but unfortunately life’s schedule on the way. I am half way through and hoping for it to be ready by the end of the weekend.


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