OMG, Not Another Water Bucket!!

I really got my butt handed to me this weekend. I helped with barn chores over the weekend for the 20 some horses at my stable. I’m beat, and very sore.

I was fine until the watering part.

I don’t mean to pick on my stable… nope, that’s a lie. I DO mean to pick, but it’s their facility and they can do what they want…. as long as they don’t ask me to water horses again.

Anyway, the water buckets…

Who hauls 40 water buckets down long aisles in the winter?!? 20 horses, 2 water buckets each. I have a bad back, but can normally function passably well in day to day life. I took one look at their current system and about ran screaming from the barn. The least they could do is use a cart to move the full buckets from one end to the other. They don’t even do that. I commandeered a wheel barrow to help make it a bit less stressful on my body, but it still didn’t remove the fact that I had to lift 40 buckets up to chest height to attach them to stall walls.

My shoulders are screaming at me right now.

It was 16 degree’s this morning. Every water bucket was at least half full and frozen.

I got water on my glove and then my glove froze to the stall latch when I tried to open it.

My gloves froze to the handles of the water bucket when I lifted them. I couldn’t open the stupid clips that hold the water buckets with my gloves on, but my hands froze to them if I took my gloves off.

I can’t stand up straight now. My back feels like someone is twisting a knife in it.

I can think of a dozen ways that whole process could be made less horrifying. Several involve using rubber tubing… I would call it a Hose. I could sell this product and make millions!!

I hate winter…

4 thoughts on “OMG, Not Another Water Bucket!!

  1. HAHA! I know the feeling! I believe in working smarter, not harder! Now that I own my own place I try to make things as easy as possible so I can still have the energy to ride! Poor girl! Take a hot bath with Epsom Salts then a cup of Sleepy Time tea and go to bed!


  2. That’s one part of stabling at shows that I hate – hauling water. I try to stable next to a HOSE, but if that doesn’t happen, I try to at least fill smaller buckets which I use to pour into the big buckets hanging on the way. Speedy frequently foils my plans though as he’s an expert at getting dirt into the filled water bucket that is hanging up. And it seems that the fullest bucket (I also use two) is always the most dirty! :0)


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