The Friendly Advice Anguish

I meant to post this Monday... but I'll post it today instead.

We’ve all had that moment where your horse does something naughty, or stupid, and the sudden out pouring of well-intentioned advice comes flooding in. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting ideas on better ways to solve problems with horses, but if I hear another “I watched this one video where….” I’m probably going to fake a fainting spell.

I’m loath to admit it this at the moment, but my mare totally has my number. She will not load in the trailer at ALL now.  I can get the front half in nearly every time, but those back feet REFUSE to step in. Which meant I missed my last chance at a lesson with Rosalind Kinstler before she leaves for the winter, Plus, I still had to pay for the missed lesson (thankfully she cut us a break on the price). So my horse just cost me over a hundred dollars, wasted nearly 5 hours of my day, and I’m so sore, beat up, and stiff that I can barely move today.

So far I’ve had several people tell me to try the John Lyons horse training videos, a couple of mentions of some mysterious video of someone using a whip tapping technique, several mentions of using an intricate contraption of lunge lines to pull her in, and a lot of pitying stares like I’m just too incompetent to own a horse. Those are the worst.

And yet, here I am. Horse outside trailer, me inside.

As soon as I lose whatever experienced helper I rooked into helping me, then I’m back to begging my obstinate horse to load.

I have had offers of help to load Ava after my disastrous attempts this weekend, but all I can think of is “Great, she’ll load as long as I have a second experienced person to help”. How does that help me move her myself?  So, I’m going to scour the web this weekend to see if I can find some glimmer of hope on ways I can train Ava to load without a lot of help from others.

And yes, I’ve watched the John Lyons video on loading….

Yes, I’ve tried the whip tapping method.

Yes, I suck….

Oh, and the absolute worst part is I scratched my glasses all up while fighting with my mare.  Now I have to pay to have them fixed.

It’s been a freaking horrible weekend.


6 thoughts on “The Friendly Advice Anguish

  1. I know you already found help which is a great thing. That method does work. Just be patient and keep at it. DON’T FEEL SORRY FOR HER! She doesn’t have to lunge around hour after hour. That is her choice, It’s a hell of a lot easier to just get in the GOD DAMN trailer. Stick with it, and pretty soon she’ll load up consistently every time. :0)


    • Karen, Thanks for saying that. I was admonished after the long lunging session by someone for being inhumane and I was feeling pretty lousy about the whole situation. But your comment made me feel a lot better. And in the end, it worked! We took the trailer out last Sunday, and Ava hopped right on. I had her get on and off about 5 times and then quit. It was awesome!


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