Adult Amateur Obstacles and Support

I found some links to hopefully help us Adult Amateurs at least feel a little less alone, a little less embarrassed for not being perfect.

I’ll add additional links as I find them. And feel free to add a comment on any links you know of and I’ll add them to the post.

The Adult Amateur Dressage Initiative


“This page is for the advancement of the Adult Amateur Dressage Rider as defined by USEF GR1306 . Our AIM is to attract USDF and USEF members to this site in order to discuss and develop ideas that we will present, as a united front, to our national organizations to implement FOR US! We are working for greater recognition in the programing for, and funding of, the Adult Amateur Dressage Riders in the USA by the USDF and the USEF. We are lobbying our national organizations for parity in educational programs, funds, grants, transitional classes to rise through USDF and FEI levels, equal access to elite clinics, equal representation as riders in said clinics, and, consequently, in the recognized competitions. As the majority members, and the absolute, ECONOMIC BASE of these oganizations, we are committed to bettering the education, the riding, the training, the competition opportunities, and the overall quality of the American Adult Amateur Dressage Community. We are open to any Adult Amateur Rider, any Professional, Judge, or Licensed Official interested in supporting our Goals.”


Adult Amateur Dressage Shame: Riding the Roller Coaster


Dressage is unique within the horse world in producing a phenomenon in its participants, a feeling of being lesser than, not good enough or unworthy. It is a condition that I have termed “Adult Amateur Dressage Shame”, but it effects juniors, young riders, and even professionals. Perhaps it is the constantly increasing standard of difficulty or the emphasis on detail, but I have seen the effects of ‘dressage shame’ again and again.


Dressage for Adult Amateurs

Adult Amateur Dressage Riders welcome!!! Discussion, support, help, rant, rave and praise!!! Open to everyone.

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