Pam Goodrich Clinic – What I Learned Riding

I’m not sure how to condense what I learned from the Pam Goodrich clinic last weekend. In blurb format it’s all the same rhetoric dressage riders always hear, but in practice it was really deep and complex. Part of it was learning a new feel.  The bigger part was understanding the mechanics of why the horse moved the way it moved, how riders attempt to fix the issue, and how the problem should really be fixed.

Gosh, I honestly don’t know how to explain what I learned yet… I’m still processing it all. I think the biggest thing, the most important thing, is that when the horse is heavy, stuck, leaning on one or both reins, it’s a body issue. It’s not a mouth issue. And you can’t really fix the problem by fixing the mouth. That’s the main thing I took away from the clinic. We all know this (it’s the body not the head), but now we’re getting down to where the horse is bracing, how to fix that, and how to re-develop the horse so that both sides of the body are equally limber and strong.

Watch the video (here or below).

I tired to condense the video of the second lesson down to just the main parts where I felt something valuable was shown or talked about. Hopefully you can hear it okay. I’ll work on condensing the first lesson down to a more watchable video when I have time. Otherwise, you can watch the full unedited version of Day 1 at

I’ll write more later. I’m still recovering from the clinic. That was grueling!

Side note: I went out to see Ava Tuesday and she glared at me when I went to put her halter on. I think she’s a little sore too (poor girl). I had gone out to feed her some apples and check that she was okay after such a vigorous weekend.  Ava seemed happier after the apples and grazing.

2 thoughts on “Pam Goodrich Clinic – What I Learned Riding

  1. Throwing his shoulders to one side – YES! That is exactly what Sydney does while tracking right. I am going to have to work on thinking of moving his shoulders over rather than adding flexion and using more right rein. Lots of good stuff here, Mia!


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