Pam Goodrich Clinic – September

I wrote this huge long post, saved it, and wordpress ate it. 😦 Bah.

This is a very good example of how my entire week has been going. I should just go to bed.

But I persevere. HA Haha

The Pam Goodrich clinic is this coming weekend. I’m nervous. Scared. Hopeful. Scared. I mentioned that, didn’t I. Part of me is really hopeful that we’ll get to work on some higher end stuff. Well, higher for me… like half-pass or something. I think Ava and I are past the won’t go forward stage now (at least this week). Now I have no whoa. Way to much Go, not nearly enough Whoa. To the point where I have to make a conscious decision to not freak out because I feel like I lost control of the horse. I haven’t. She will stop. We just have a ton of GO and we lost our half-halts (it’s a balance issue). I have to repeat the last bit in my head though. She will stop. She will stop.

I think I went too far in the other direction though. Doh.

Yesterday started out rough. I had my new found, super brilliant epiphany on what I was doing wrong that made Ava too forward and was all gung-ho to put my solution to the test. Yeah… well, we hadn’t been in the arena for more than 4 minutes and Ava was spooking and bolting at weeds, cars, wind, who knows what. Then when I asked her to halt and stand while I adjusted my girth (little too lose for quick sideways movements), Ava threw a hissy fit. Full blown hissy fit. She reared, she bucked, she leaped, she tried to slam my leg into the wooden rail of the arena, she spun and leaped some more. So I kept putting her right back where she started at, and just sat there until she gave it another go. Finally, she let out a huge sigh and then just stood there.  I gave her a few seconds to think about it, and we then we moved on.

The rest of the ride went great though. My epiphany worked. This fantastic epiphany, I bet you’re asking what it is…. It was “Take your d&%* legs off the horse”.  Totally solved the problem of too much go. You can use that if you want. I know, I know.. it’s a mind blower, isn’t it. 😛

So my next new problem is Ava no longer does a normal trot to the right. We get bouncy trot, always bouncy trot. I don’t know if this is good, bad, sideways. I have no idea. All I know is I asked for a little trot to prepare for canter, and all I get is this huge, throw you through the ceiling, bouncy trot. And my poor horse… I’m not the best “sitter of trots” and when she surprises me like that I end up slamming her in the back the first 2 or 3 strides. The champ that she is, she powers through it like it never happened, while I’m clutching mane so I don’t bouncy off sideways.

I wanted to show you comparison video of before the Pam Goodrich clinic in June and “after” video from August. I don’t have any video from August processed yet, so the next blog post will have to be the comparison videos. It might have to wait until after this clinic though. I’ve still got a million things I have to do to prepare for the clinic, and work still wants work. But I’ll get on that as soon as I have a free minute. I’d like to see it myself. 🙂

Til then, enjoy the last of summer. Ava’s already starting to grow her winter coat.

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