Barn Move – Update

Well, the barn move went swimmingly!

The previous time loading Ava took 4 people over an hour to forcefully shove her into the trailer.  Today’s loading event took all of 4 minutes and a grain bucket. Woo Hoo!  The verdict is out on whether that is a repeatable event, or a one-off.

Does anyone else talk to their horse like the horse understands? I know I’m weird, but I had to explain to Ava days in advance that she was moving and where she was going. Not that she understands.. but it makes me feel like I’m keeping her in the loop. hahaha.

Anyway, hubby and I loaded Ava up without an issues. The haul over was uneventful. I unloaded her and let her check out her new pasture. Ava immediately dug into the lush pasture grass.

All in all, a very nice and uneventful trip. Tomorrow Ava will go in a pasture with a little less grass until she gets more used to having so much. We put her in the really lush one today because she was only out there for a short while before feed time.

I’m tired now.  I’m going to bed.



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