Barn Move

So I finally have the barn situation all nailed down. Yay! Ava won’t be homeless!

I was sweating it for a while. I was starting to think she’d have to come live in my run down shed out back. I bet the neighbors would love that. The day they saw us bring the horse trailer home for repairs they rushed over to ask if they could ride the horse. Not that they’d ever ridden before, but, you know, how hard could it be. *roll eyes*

Anyway, I’m frustrated by several things at my current barn. The drive being one of them. I found a place a few miles from my house that looked good, but had no indoor. I know in some areas an indoor is not a necessity, but where I live its impossible to ride more than ocassionally in the winter without one. When I told the potential barn owner that I would have to move during the worst of the winter months, she told me not to come at all. *ouch*

Last night i picked up the boarding contract and finalized stuff with yhe new barn. The new barn has a small indoor. Well, smaller than my spoiled butt is used to. I am really spoiled about riding arenas. Now I’m like “Oh, it’s only 60 by 120. That’s soooo small.” Doh. Hahaha

Anyway, I’m excited because other people actually RIDE at the new barn. Plus, friends of mine board there and I’m so geeked to see those two on a regular basis again.

I have to say though… I was sweating it for a while. I’d given notice to my current barn on the 10th (when I thought I had the potential barn locked in). My current barn told me I had to be out on the first. So when the other place fell through and every other barn was full I got really nervous!! I was down to one week left of the month….

One less thing to stress about. Now I just need to move Ava and get her all settled in safely… then I can breathe a sigh of relief.

I’m so happy!!

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