Listing of Events

I want to aggregate the clinics, shows, and/or dressage events in Region 2. What I really wanted to do was create an event type calendar that was searchable by location, tag, category, or clinician name and make it nation wide database for dressage enthusiasts to use for free. However, to do that I need to get my own hosted website and not the freebie WordPress site I’m using.  I can pull in Google calendar events pretty easily through xml feeds, and they’ll be automatically updated by the owners of the calendar (like the GMO MDA updates their Google calendar). And some of the other GMO’s have their events available as RSS feeds, which I could also automate to have pulled in. There are several ways I could aggregate lots of events without having to do much manual entry. And for the event organizers that don’t have Google calendars or RSS feeds, then I could accept submission through forms, etc…. but it all rests on having my own paid for website…. so until then….

Here’s the link of what I have currently. If you know of any dressage related events in the Region 2 area then just leave a comment on the Region 2 Events page I created.

Link to page: Region 2 Events

I’ll keep working on something that is more in-line with a searchable database of events. It’s so difficult right now to find clinics in this region. It seems like so much of it is word of mouth, or last minute postings on some farms FB page. So my dream is a single spot where anyone can submit events for anything dressage related, regardless of GMO, farm, or clinician (as long as it’s somewhat related to dressage). And then make it so people can find exactly the right clinic or event that they want to attend. I think that’d be great thing to have.

I wonder if I can automatically pull in FB events? Hmm.. I’ll have to look that up.

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